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Feb 3, 2024

PTR 3D Printed Ti CansGGG 332 2nd SHOT 24 - This week we wrap up the rest of the SHOT 2024 announcements. 

5-11 Prototype Sport Coat

Bond Arms AR Mag Fed 223 Lever action

Henry AR Mag Fed Lever Action

Smith Wesson Model 1854 Lever Action

Chiappa Lever Action

Thales Hybrid Red Dot Thermal Optic

Holosun NV and Thermal Hybrid Optics

Holosuns Iris IR Laser Illuminator

ACAL IR Laser and Illuminator

Thompson Styled AR PCC By Bishop

Thompson Styled 9mm PCC From Diamondback

Thompson Gun Styled Like an AR From Khar

Glock Gen 5 New Additions

Fastarmed Self Ejecting Pistol Safe

Amend2 AMC Modular Bolt Action Stock

Real Avid Range Cleaning Kit With Rifle Stand

ETS Mags With Steel Feed Lips

NEW Magpul Translucent and Aluminum Mags

Daniel Defense Revives The H9 Pistol

Carbon Research Carbon Fiber Cans

Rail Attached Pistol Suppressor Coming to the US

Banish Speed K

Stinger CZ Scorpion Suppressor

Aeromod 22 Suppressor with Triangle Threads

TFB SHOT 24 Suppressor Roundup

PTR 3D Printed Ti Cans

Return of the Arm Pistol

H&R Brings Back Classic Prototype Replicas

Rare Import Guns Coming Soon From Indonesia   Video

P365 Dry Fire Mag

Revolver Dry Fire Discs

NAA Revolver With Caliber Swapping Swing Out Cylinder

Night Fision Adds Tritium Backup Irons to Red Dots

Spuhr High Red Dot and Magnifier Mount

RIA 5.0E

MAT 9 as a Complete Firearm

Roller Delayed 556

Plastic AR15 Upper

Interesting New Barrel Nut and Gas Block Design From Blackout Defense

Monolithic AR15 Barrel

Desert Tech WLVRN MDR Replacement

Lemay AR10 and AR15 Bullpup Conversion Kit

Caldwell Radar Chronograph

Mantis New Training Modules

Ruger 45ACP LC Carbine

AOW Tire Thumper

Eley X Shot Hardware

Interceptor Releases Bullets For Reloading

P365 Flux Raider

Breakthrough Clean Suppressor Kit

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