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Blending technology and video game enthusiasts together with firearms enthusiasts. Because we can all quote Monty Python and enjoy Star Wars or Star Trek no matter what community we hail from.

Jan 25, 2020

This week Matt Heinrich and Adam talk shot 2020 announcements.

Brownells new products


Sig suppressor heat sheild


Geissele opitcs

Jan 18, 2020

GGG 236 CES 2020 - This week Matt, Adam, and Heinrich sit down to talk some of the neatest stuff shown off at CES 2020.

No more first party xbox exclusives for the new consoles first years

Bezelless 8k and 8k streaming

Jan 4, 2020

GGG 235 Pre SHOT 2020 Reviving The Market - This week Matt and Heinrich discuss all the pre SHOT 2020 announcements and its looking to be a really good year. 

Hiperfire Phantom Trigger

Buckshot innovation

Factory Polycoated Dangerous Game Handgun Ammo

Speer Gold Dot 5.7x28mm Ammo

New Mossberg 940 JM Pro

The Shotgun...